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Thunder 9 v9.1.49.1060 official version MAC download

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MAC download

The official download of Thunderbolt 9 is Thunderbolt download software launched by Thunderbolt. After a few years, a new version of Thunderbolt has finally been released. The interface has changed greatly, and a new download engine has been brought. Interface gives you an extraordinary feeling.

Thunder 9

Xunlei was an artifact in the era of 2M and 3M bandwidth ten years ago, and the speed of p2p download was very obvious. Now it s different. The browser's built-in download function has already met the daily requirements (BT is basically offline with Baidu Cloud), and large files and various online resources are basically Baidu 360 cloud links. Now many Thunder download functions are weakened.

In addition, the product positioning is not accurate, and many services have been opened for a while and then stopped. Take downloading for example, there are Thunder, Mini Thunder, Web Thunder, Thunder Exclusive Edition, Thunder Extreme Edition ... a lot of messy products. Cloud services originally had Thunder Cloud Disk, Quick Pass, Cloud Transcoding, and Cloud Offline, but now they are down except offline. In addition, now the Thunder 9 experience is terrible, specifically how bad the Thunder 9 user experience is:

0. A lot of classic functions have been cut. From the release of Thunder 9 to the present, many classic functions have been deleted, such as: offline and high-speed merge (the original offline space was offline, a large number of offline files were actually reduced server investment, resulting in often no speed), remote download function offline, Disable member function offline ...

1. The most controversial browser issue. Almost at the beginning of the public beta, everyone was fiercely arguing about this issue. After a few years, it still can't be hidden, the size can't be adjusted, it's absolutely bad, and it doesn't respect the user's feedback at all. However, the exciting version of Thunder 9 can be experienced. You can also use the Thunder 9 recommended to close the right browser patch.

2. Force a minimum upload speed of 30KB / s. This is also one of the issues that everyone strongly opposes. At the beginning, 50KB / s was also forced. Although the spirit of P2P is shared with each other, you cannot force it. Optical fiber users are no problem, what about those who are still using ADSL small water pipes?

3. Advertising is frantic and pervasive. In fact, the purpose of the built-in browser is not to sniff resources, but to generate greater advertising revenue. I don't object to the need for free software to survive and need revenue. But as a paying user (paying users are basically old drivers and have zero tolerance for advertisements), a browser full of advertisements is completely unacceptable. The area of this advertisement is really heartbroken compared with the previous interface implantation.

4. The download function was weakened as much as possible. The resource download interface is not as intuitive as before, and its functions are not as powerful as the old version. The main resource sniffing is actually aimed at Xiaobai level. Can Google's resources, eDonkey protocol resources, and network disk resources be sniffed well? If it can be done, then it is another matter.


Let's look at the appearance first. As you can see, the main interface of Thunder 9 is divided into the "Download Management" area on the left and the "Browser" area on the right.

The "Download Management" area is more "intuitive and concise" than previous Thunder. To the right of each task, there is a "Quick Action Button". When the task is in different states, the function of the "Quick Action Button" is different! There are also many changes in experience, waiting for you to play with them yourself.

(For example, when you are downloading a task, the function of the shortcut button is "pause")

Thunder 9 official download

(When the task download is completed, the function of the shortcut button changes "Open Folder")

Thunder 9

The "Browser" area provides a search bar for searching for download resources. Enter any keywords in the search bar, and the "Resource Sniffer" function built into Thunder 9 will analyze all download addresses in the search results web page! For Lei You who is not good at finding downloadable resources, this feature is very convenient.

Thunder 9 official download

Software Features

In the past, the Thunder client had to rely on the browser to download the resources in the webpage. In order to achieve different browser support, Thunder always needs to develop support plugins for different browsers. Because plugins are inevitably affected by unstable factors. For example, as long as the browser is updated, or there is a bug. These plugins will often fail and not work. As a result, users cannot download resources on the webpage using Thunder. After Thunderbolt 9 has a built-in browser, even if the user's own browser supports a bug, the user can open the download page in the Thunderbolt 9 built-in browser to successfully establish a download task.

Thunder 9

If the download address in the webpage is a Thunderbolt private chain, and the browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox that the user is using do not support the Thunderbolt private chain. At this time, you can also open the download page with the built-in browser of Thunder 9, click on the Thunder special chain and establish a download task.

Some web disks or forum resources, open the download page with Thunder 9 built-in browser to download, may have wonderful results!

Thunder 9 official download

After the Thunder 9 built-in browser, it is easier to obtain the download address of the online video on the webpage. The function of downloading online videos will be implemented in the future. After talking about appearance, let's talk about more important connotations!

You need to know that when Thunder released large version updates in the past (such as Thunder 7.9 and Thunder Speed Edition), the download engine has not changed much, just to do some repair work and use it. In front of the Thunderbolt 9 download engine, I am not targeting which version, I mean that all the old Thunderbolt versions are weak.

Software dynamics

Thunder announces end of support for third-party remote download devices

Xunlei can be said to be the largest downloading tool in China at present, with rich and powerful features, especially after joining the membership ...

However, according to netizens' reflection and testing, Xunlei has quietly closed the third-party remote download function.

The so-called remote download is that you can download files through remote control on smart routers, NAS and other network devices. It can be controlled by mobile phones or computers to download files to designated devices, which is very convenient and often faster, especially downloading unpopular Time for resources.

Now entering the Thunder s remote download function, a pop-up prompt will say from July 17th, the third-party remote download service will be stopped. At the same time after upgrading to the latest version of Thunder 9, the remote download function entry will disappear directly.

Xunlei also said that the products under Xunlei can still use the remote download function normally, but currently there is only one download treasure.

With Thunder official tips:

Dear users, Hello!

After in-depth communication and negotiation with various partners, in order to regulate the access and management of remote download services, we will cease to provide third-party remote download services one after another on July 17, 2017. At the same time, Xunlei's products can still use the service normally. Thank you for your love and support for remote downloading!

Thunder closes offline download and high-speed channel services?

Netizens have said that offline downloads are slow, offline downloads are not fast, high-speed channels and offline retrieval local speeds are 0, etc. Thunder Thunder s official Weibo responded, saying that due to problems with member acceleration modules, high-speed channels and offline acceleration on the client Shows as 0, this issue is currently being urgently fixed.

Xunlei emphasized that this issue is only a display issue and does not affect the actual acceleration speed of the members. It is expected that the display issue will be fully fixed within this week.

Thunder 9

Thunder's new generation of "money-making treasure" OneCloud is here: hardware rewards 500 yuan free cash

On August 15th, the official announcement that the Thunder Money Pro was over, which also means that the official will no longer sell this product.

However, the official launch of a new generation of smart hardware OneCloud Wanker Cloud, landed on Taobao crowdfunding on August 24, the same period to create a "player reward program" activities.

The Qianbaobao team created a 1 billion reward plan for the new generation of intelligent hardware OneCloud. Through official channels, you can get reward activation codes by appointment-grab qualifications-select rewards. You can enter the player reward program by purchasing the player cloud device and entering the activation code. You can contribute 1 billion rewards to the platform by contributing idle uplink bandwidth.

At that time, you can choose a fixed 500 yuan cash reward or a guest currency reward.

Change log

Download the BT task, automatically connect to the tracker server with the best availability, and obtain additional image resources to speed up the download

Provide the following support for "Download Thunder JS-SDK"

Support to create a single download task via web script

Support to define the file name of a single download task by web script

Support to create batch download tasks through web script

Support batch download task to specified folder via web script

Support to define the download directory of the current task through web script

Fixed the problem of abnormal login account after installing U share

Software screenshot

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This site provides the Thunderbolt 9 crack version 2017 for download. Thunderbolt 9.0 is a new version of Thunderbolt launched in 2017. It adds more features to the original 7.9 to make users download faster and more convenient. This editor mainly shares it with everyone. Thunderbolt 9 high-speed channel cracked version, you know! It is to allow you to download various games or software at unlimited speeds and enjoy VIP membership treatment.
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