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Master Lu v5.1020.1115.105 official latest version

Software Description

Installation tutorial

Master Lu is a domestic professional excellent hardware detection tool. The official download of Master Lu has professional hardware evaluation, accurate hardware detection, comprehensive hardware protection and other comprehensive functions to help you identify the authenticity of hardware and protect hardware security.

basic introduction

Master Lu

Master Lu has hardware detection, hardware testing, system optimization, energy saving and cooling, driver installation, driver upgrade, computer detection, performance test, real-time temperature detection, battery protection, computer protection, driver upgrade, mobile phone evaluation and other functions.

Master Lu

Master Lu 2017 official download

Software Features

The hardware health check monitors the hardware status throughout the 24 hours, easily grasps the computer health, prevents the high temperature of the hardware, protects the data security, and extends the hardware life.
Clean up and optimize the garbage traces generated by the intelligent discrimination system operation, improve system efficiency with one click, save worry and convenience; provide the computer with the best optimization solution to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the computer.
Hardware acceleration cleans up garbage generated by hardware and system operation with one click, and comprehensively improves computer performance!

Master Lu


Master Lu! Always confused with Lu Zhi, but Master Lu really works! System optimization, one-click cleaning and repair, etc. are our good helpers. I have been using them. It is very convenient to test the temperature of the motherboard, graphics card, CPU, etc., it will automatically remind, and there are many functions, all very comprehensive. Master Lu helps you quickly upgrade patches, securely fix vulnerabilities, one-click optimization of the system, one-click cleanup, and driver updates. It is suitable for various brands of desktops, laptops, DIY-compatible computers, real-time monitoring and early warning of key components, comprehensive computer hardware information, effectively preventing hardware failures, and protecting your computer from problems. There are hardware temperature monitoring and driver management to bring you a more stable computer application experience.

Master Lu 2017 official download

1.The next latest version of Master Lu is installed in a U disk to purchase the machine;
2.Start using Master Lu detection:
(1) If you are buying a DIY desktop, first determine the configuration and price with the merchant, and then after the merchant is installed, install Master Lu to perform hardware detection and compare it in detail.This can effectively prevent traitors from stealing their posts Secondly, you can also use the temperature and pressure test to check the cooling equipment such as fans, and even play a performance test on the leaderboard;
(2) If you buy a laptop, then use Master Lu to compare them next to each other to compare hardware and performance within the price range you accept, especially those aspects of heat dissipation, which are particularly useful. Lest those who sell computers say this is good That ok said dizzy.
Anyway, I use it to help my friends buy machines, and it works very well. The merchants see that you use Master Lu, and basically won't play any tricks, hahaha.

Master Lu

How does Master Lu score? How much does Master Lu score?

1. Download and install the latest official version of Master Lu on this site, then open "Master Lu" and switch the function to the "performance test" option at the top of the main interface;

2. Then the following picture will open, and then click "Start Evaluation" under the computer performance test, and you can run the scores on all aspects of the computer performance. (Note: Do not operate the computer during the test, so that the score is more accurate. When entering the "graphics performance" evaluation, it will enter the full-screen running test, and it takes a long time to wait.)

3. After the final detection, the scores of various performance indicators have come out, and the comprehensive performance score of the computer is displayed, which is the final result of the running score. As shown in the figure, the running result is 214582 points. You can also click "View Comprehensive Performance Leaderboard" under Scores to see other Master Lu's running points.

How much is Master Lu's running score?
In fact, there is no specific standard. The running score of Master Lu's test performance is just for your reference. The key is to see what you do with your computer. General home office use is less than 100,000 points is enough; for some mainstream games will be relatively large, generally within 150,000 points.

How does Master Lu test the display?

We all know that using Master Lu can help us detect computer hardware and configuration. Recently, many users are asking how to detect their own monitors. The following editors will explain them in detail. The method is very simple. Master Lu's screen dead pixel test can easily help you get it.

1. First download and install Master Lu software on our own computer. After opening it, find the "Screen Detection" option on the main interface and click to open it;

2. Then the screen will enter the solid color mode. Clicking the mouse will display different colors. In this mode, check if the display has bright spots. If there is damage, it can be used safely. Isn't it simple? The function of this monitor is especially important for friends who want to start a computer. Use Master Lu to detect fraud.

How to judge whether the installed Master Lu is true or false?

(Note: In Win7 / Win10 , there is a detection method for Master Lu in the computer. Downloaded Master Lu can also use this method to detect the digital signature of the package)

1. Double-click to open Master Lu, and do not close Master Lu's interface.

2. Right-click on the task bar and select "Task Manager" (or press Ctrl + Alt + DEL on the keyboard) to open the task manager:

3. Win7 system: On the "Process" page, find the process whose "Image Name" is ComputerZ_CN.exe (Note: Some systems will display ComputerZ_CN.exe * 32, which is normal);

win10 system: please find ComputerZ_CN.exe in "Details":

4. Right-click ComputerZ_CN.exe and click "Open File Location":

5. At this point, you are running the Master Lu program, where it is, and automatically selected ComputerZ_CN.exe (some systems may not have the ending .exe) file:

6. Right-click "ComputerZ_CN" or "ComputerZ_CN.exe" and select "Properties", as shown in the figure below:

7. In the ComputerZ_CN Properties window that opens, find the Digital Signature page

Note: If you do nt see the Digital Signature page, you may have downloaded Master Lu who has been tampered with maliciously. You need to be alert

8. Switch to the "Digital Signature" page, select the first item in the list, and click "Details" (if two items are displayed, click the first one):

Tip: After clicking "Details", the computer may get stuck for a while. Even if the property window becomes "Not responding", please be patient because the operating system is verifying this file.

9. In the "Digital Signature Details" interface that is finally opened, if "This digital signature is normal." Is displayed in the upper left corner, and the text box after "Signer Information-Name" below is displayed as "Qihoo 360 Software (Beijing) Company Limited ", it means that this document is indeed the official document of Master Lu.

10. If the message you see is "This digital signature is invalid." Then it means that this file has been tampered with maliciously. No matter what information is installed on this computer, Master Lu cannot be trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the hardware information detection inaccurate? Why are there no parameters such as fan speed?
First, please check whether Master Lu is the latest version and complete installation. If you have confirmed the complete installation, please ensure that Master Lu's directory is not encrypted with NTFS.
2. What is the normal temperature of the laptop CPU? How to control and prevent?
The ideal temperature of the notebook is about 30 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, so everyone can judge based on the environment in which the notebook is used. Try to control your notebook CPU temperature within 75 degrees, not more than 85 degrees. Note: The temperature here refers to the notebook CPU core temperature, which is the CPU temperature detected by Master Lu.
In order to control the temperature, you can do the following: 1. Check the CPU usage and see if any software or virus is running in the background;
2. Turn on the air conditioner (the cooling effect is related to the air conditioning temperature adjustment);
3. Clean up the internal dust and replace the CPU fan to check the CPU silicone (the cooling effect is not necessarily);
4. The effect of blowing with a household fan is very good (the cooling effect is about 4-9 degrees related to the air volume);
5. Raise the height of the laptop and desktop (about 2-6 degrees cool down);
6, buy a notebook cooling pad (about 4-15 degrees cooling).
7. Don't run the laptop on a blanket or bed. These materials are not conducive to the heat dissipation of the laptop. If you must run it, buy a laptop cooling pad.
3. Why some patch cannot be installed (1), if the software is already installed and prompted to restart, some patches cannot be installed without restarting. Restart the computer and install again.
(2) If the installation still cannot be restarted, please post to the vulnerability that cannot be installed and we will deal with it in time.
4. Does Master Lu support the command line?
stand by! Considering fewer command line users, it is not currently recommended for users. details as follows:
Enter the directory where Master Lu is located on the command line, and enter "Master Lu's main program file name" + space + "output file name".
Examples are as follows:
cd d: \ ludashi
d: \ ludashi \ ComputerZ_CN.exe out.txt
After the execution of Master Lu can generate a detection file out.txt
(1) Currently supports two command line output formats, Txt and Ini
(2) If you use the command line under Vista, you need to run the command line prompt in the attachment as an administrator.

Change log

1. Update the hardware library to add recognition of some memory brands

2. Fix motherboard A320IPC temperature reading error

3. Update some module files to improve stability

Software screenshot

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