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Software release

Publishing conditions :
1. It must be ensured that the resources to be submitted are not programs that harm the interests of the country, the site, and others (such as viruses, Trojans, etc.).

2. Before the submission of resources, you must make our link on the homepage of your website.

ϵͳ The text link code is (1 of 3): System Heaven    Software heaven   Software download heaven

Resource verification :
http://webkataloghit.com/ ӺӣԴϢԼվַ· ˣ The submitting party made a link to this website ( http://webkataloghit.com/ ) and sent the resource information and your website address to the email below for review! (The resources related to "yellow, gambling, poison" are not accepted, the resources that are not well linked are not accepted, the resources with deceptive nature are not accepted, and the rogue plug-in auxiliary resources are not accepted)

Resource information requirements :
Resource information must include:

A. Software name;

B. Software version;

C, software size;

D. System requirements for software (win7, XP, etc.);

E. Is the software free (trial time, how much does it cost, etc.)

F. Software download address;

G, software screenshot and 64 * 64 PNG format LOGO;

Դ H. Brief introduction of resources ;

Copyright related :
When you submit software for distribution to this site, it means that you have authorized the work to give us the right of Internet dissemination. This site guarantees that the software available for download in the site is packaged and provided for download without modification. If you have any questions, please contact the management of this site in time.

Audit email :